Eclipse Glasses


 In the next three years there are going to be total eclipse and anyone wanting to see this wonderful creation needs to be prepared with the right type of eclipse glasses. Watching an eclipse is fun to do, but you must also keep your eyes safe.

When buying a pair of Eclipse Glasses make sure they are made correctly. These types of glasses cannot be made the same way ordinary sunglasses are made, they will not help to protect your eyes when watching an eclipse, and protecting your eyes from harmful solar radiation.

If the eclipse glasses become damaged in anyway at all do not use them. If you have time to get another pair before the eclipse that would be a better option. Do not take chances with your eyesight. When watching the eclipse and your eyes start to bother you turn away from the eclipse and sort the problem out, then put your eclipse glasses back on.

The eclipse glasses should certify that they will protect your eyes 100% from any radiation, harmful rays and intense light produced by the eclipse. Check the online reviews about any eclipse glasses you are considering on buying.


Depending on where you live in the world will depend on the time of day the eclipse will be seen. Check on the internet for the time and location where you would like to watch the eclipse. If you miss the eclipse one year hang onto your eclipse glasses because there will be more eclipses to come your way and you will be prepared.