Why You Need Eclipse Glasses

In the next few years, there will be quite a number of eclipses around the world, which you or your children may be interested in seeing. If so, of course, you probably know about looking at the sun as the eclipse begins with a box and a mirror to protect your eyes. There is, however, a better way of doing so. One that requires nothing more than the purchase of an inexpensive pair of Eclipse Glasses.

What are eclipse glasses? -- They are a special kind of glasses with protective lenses that are only worn during a solar eclipse. When worn, elipse glasses protect your eyes, so you can actually look up at the sun while the eclipse is happening, without fear of damaging them.

How do eclipse glasses work? -- If you have never owned a pair of eclipse glasses before, you are probably wondering how they work. The lenses in the glasses actually block the radiation coming from the sun during an eclipse. This protects your eyes from damage, and makes sure you do not get a retinal burn.

With enough of a burn, your eyes can become permanently and seriously damaged, which is why wearing eclipse glasses is so important.

It is ever safe to look at the sun during a solar eclipse? -- It is safe to look at the sun during a total eclipse, but only during this time. The rest of the time, when you are experiencing just a partial eclipse, do make sure you are wearing eclipse glasses so your eyes are protected.