What to Look For When Buying Eclipse Glasses


 Most people today know that it is dangerous to look at a solar eclipse directly because it could cause eye damage. This is why eclipse glasses are now available. The glasses come in many shapes, styles and sizes. You should look for a few different things when buying eclipse glasses.


The first thing to look for is durability. There are really two main types of eclipse glasses available today. The most common have a thin polarized film inside of a cardboard frame. You want to make certain that the glasses are made from good quality materials and that the frames are laminated. You do not want glasses that are going to fall apart in the middle of an eclipse or that will bend easily in your pocket. The other option is a pair of hard plastic eclipse glasses. These glasses have the look and feel of conventional sunglasses. These are the most durable eclipse glasses and can be used multiple times over the coming years to view all full or partial solar eclipses that occur.

Good Fit and Coverage

The second thing to look for is a good fit and good coverage. You want to pick Eclipse Glasses that have lenses large enough to allow you to see the entire event. Avoid glasses that have very small slits for the film or lenses. You also want to choose a pair of eclipse glasses that will cover all of your eyes. This should include the sides of your eyes just to be safe. This is important because you do not want the harmful rays from the sun to get into your eyes because the glasses were not large enough to cover the entire area.